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Swedish Massage- $120+ 
is a 50 minute, gentle, full body massage, an ideal treatment for those who are:
  • new to massages
  • sensitive to touch 
  • have a lot of tension
Choose this massage if you want to relax and relieve minor pain.
Lymphatic Massage (General and Post-Op)- $120+
is a 50 minute massage used to encourage lymph flow in the body. Lymph is the clear fluid produced by the lymph nodes, located in the neck, chest, underarms, groin, and abdomen. A healthy flow of lymph supports the body's immune system in fighting off toxins responsible for viruses and infection and is especially important in aiding with healing after an invasive surgery. 
  • 10-Session Package- $800

  • 20-Session Package- $1400

*All packages must be paid in full at time of first booking*

For maximum results, your therapist may want to add one or more of the machine add ons available. They will explain their function prior to application.

  • Radio Frequency- $20 additional (must be 6 weeks post-op)

  • Ultrasound Cavitation- $20 additional (must be 6 weeks post-op)

  • Vacuum Therapy- $20 additional (must be 6 weeks post-op)

  • Electromagnetic Stimulation (EMS) $20 additional (must be 6 weeks post-op)

  • Soft cupping- $20 additional 

  • Wood Therapy- $20 additional

  • Lipo Lasers- $20 additional

Deep Tissue Massage- $120+  

is a 50 minute service and uses more pressure than a Swedish massage. an ideal treatment for those who:

  • have chronic muscle problems, such as soreness, injury, or imbalance

  • need to relieve tightness, chronic pain, and anxiety

Avoid this type of massage if you are overly sensitive to pressure.

Sports Massage- $120+ 

is a 50 minute service, ideal treatment for those who suffer from repetitive-use injuries, such as what you might get while playing a sport or fitness training. This is great for those who:

  • are prone to injuries

  • want to relieve pain, anxiety and muscle tension

  • want to increase flexibility and performance

Deep pressure and soothing strokes can be applied to the entire body or can target specific muscle(s) that need the most attention.

Trigger Point Massage -$120+ 

are best for those who suffer from:

  • an injury(s)

  • chronic pain

  • specific muscle issue or condition

This massage uses stronger deeper pressure and relieves your body of severe tension.

Prenatal Massage- $120+ 

is a 50 minute service and a safe way for soon-to-be mommies to get a massage during pregnancy. Some benefits of this massage include:

  • relief from body aches 

  • reduces stress

  • eases muscle tension

Therapist will use mild pressure and target your lower back, hips and legs.


Reflexology- $120+ 

is a 50 minute treatment for those who are looking to relax or restore the body's natural energy levels. It is also a good option for those who are not all that comfortable with being touched on the entire body. Reflexology uses gentle to firm pressure on different points on the feet, hands and ears. 

Hot Stone Massage (Full Body) Members- $129.99, Non-member $249.99

is a 90 minute, therapeutic massage and uses massage techniques similar to the Swedish massage. Some other benefits include:

  • ease muscle tension

  • improve blood flow

  • alleviate pain

  • promote relaxation

  • relieves stress

Couples Massage $240

is a massage for you and your BFF, Mom, Dad, Husband/Wife, or any other significant other you can think of. This massage includes:

  • a customizable massage tailored to each persons body needs.

  • a shared room for a 50 minute service

Full Body Cryo-Treatment - Members $130, Non-members $180

a 50- minute, cold therapy massage, which is an ideal treatment for people with a specific issue/injury, condition, or severe inflammation.

Some benefits include:

  • pain relief 

  • muscle healing

  • reduced inflammation

Studies also show that cryo-therapy can:

  • reduce migraine symptoms

  • may treat low-risk tumors

  • may help prevent dementia and Alzheimer's

  • may cause weight loss

Targeted Area Cryo-Treatment- Members $80, Non-members $99

a 50- minute, cold therapy massage, which is an ideal treatment for people with a specific issue/injury, condition, or severe inflammation. Targeted area only.

Sugar Body Scrub- Members- $180, Non-members $250

is a full body exfoliation treatment with the use of a sugar scrub, natural oil and gentle massaging. Some benefits if this treatment are: 

  • softens the skin

  • removes dirt and unclogs pores

  • removes dead or damaged skin cells

  • promotes clearer skin



  •  Hot Stones- Member $20, Non-member $20

  • Aromatherapy- Member $10, Non-member $15

  • Sugar Foot Scrub- Member $20, Non-member $25

  • Cryo Area Treatment-Member $80, Non-member $99

  • Extra 30 minutes- Member $30, Non-member $50

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